• Victoria

Build Your Own Pick n Mix!

Having the ability to choose what sweets you'd like in your mix is something we always wanted to bring to our customers, so in late 2020 we did just that! The build your own was born. Although the sweet list to choose from was very small compared to now. We have over 80+ sweets to choose from now, where as back then we only had around 30. Our list is always growing and new sweets are always being added! (We strive to bring sweets that you cannot get in the UK, which involves us importing them from over seas!)

How does it work?

To build your own mix, you need to simply head to our 'shop' page and select which build your own product you'd like, you can choose from:

  • 1.2KG BYO box (15 choices)

  • 1.4KG BYO pouch (15 choices)

  • 600G BYO pouch (10 choices)

  • 500g BYO bag (5 choices)

Once you've selected the weight you'd like flick through our sweet list (which is displayed in the images of the product) and pick your favourites! Then in the box below type your choices, checkout, and we do the rest! It really is that easy!

You can even double up on your favourites by writing them twice (or adding x2 next to the sweet you'd like!)

Each Build Your Own Mix is individually weighed before shipping to ensure it meets our weight standard. Sit back and relax, and your sweets will be delivered to your door over the next couple of days. We ship across the entire UK.

Please get in touch if you have any questions through our 'contact us' page. By clicking the link it will take you directly to our contact us page.