• Sophie

Keeping sweets fresh!

A question we get all the time is, how do long do sweets stay fresh for? This depends on how you seal your sweets!

For anyone who gets in contact and asks this question we ALWAYS recommend one of our pouches as they're sealed with a seal-lock and are air tight! Our pouches keep sweets fresh for extremely long periods of time, as long as they're sealed back up after you've finished tucking in.

We always recommend consuming our sweets within a month (lets be honest, they don't hang around for long anyway do they?!) however, they will stay fresh for longer if sealed correctly. All our sweets come with a best before date which is typically 2+ years (so technically yes, you can keep them for up to 2 years and they will still be yummy! But freshest if consumed before that time) As soon as our sweets come in, they're flying back out to all our customers, so we never have sweets lying around for long! With monthly stock orders we are always selling our sweets as fresh as they come, and we pride our selves on that.

All our boxed sweets (BYO box, Jumbo Mega mix Box, Large Pick n Mix box etc) also last for long periods of time (however for extremely long periods I'd always recommend a pouch.) We wrap our sweets in a cellophane polkadot themed sheet which is perfect for keeping sweets yummy and fresh! By wrapping our sweets in cellophane sheeting before shipping ensures freshness to customers. Our pick n mix bags (including BYO Bag) are also made of cellophane and come ribboned up, perfect as a gift!

We're always available to help, so if you have any queries or questions, give us a shout on our 'contact us' page, alternatively contact us through Instagram or Facebook.