• Sophie

NEW Surprise Mystery Boxes, and whats included?

Everyone loves a surprise in the post right? Our brand new surprise mystery boxes are packed full of pick n mix and treats and delivered to your door for your convenience.

What to expect in your mystery box.

  • Expect a surprise pick n mix, this can be anything from size to which mix you receive! (Every Mystery box will contain a pick n mix)

  • Chocolate! Chocolate bars/bags are included! As to which ones is a surprise.

  • Sweets and Chew bars! We have a range of classics ready to be picked and packed into your box! (Wham bars, Stinger bars, tango bars etc!) We even have the classic dummy lollies that may or may not be in your box! ;) You may even receive extras that you cant purchase on the website.

How much is the mystery box?

£10.00! Your box will be filled with goodies. Every box is packed to meet £10.00 and over!

I'm vegan/vegetarian can I still order a mystery box?

Yes! Please get in contact first, so we can arrange a box that meets your needs. We have lots of vegetarian and vegan options available.

If you have any further questions, please get in contact via our contact us page.